Kiev Vikings arranged tournament!

INNEBANDYPLANETEN has now arrived in Ukraine for a stop to see how floorball is going in the east. Our stop is Kiev and a tournament arranged by Kiev Vikings that was played 30th of october with four great teams gathered. The teams was Donetsk Sharks, Territory of Floorball, Kiev Vikings, FC Rivne and FC Lutsk.

The winner of the tournament was Donetsk Sharks that secured the victory in the third match.  Second place went to our own team that we follow, Kiev Vikings, and on third place came Territory of Floorball. Kiev Vikings lost against Donetsk Sharks by 6 – 4, overall it was the first tournament arranged for a long time in Ukraine. They now plan to follow this arrange with new tournament in November 2010. The Vikings Challenge Trophy 2nd edition will take place this spring were Sharks will have to defend the trophy against even more teams.

Kiev Vikings would like to, together with INNEBANDYPLANETEN, thank all players participating and wish all players a new successful floorball month in November. Keep on playing!



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